Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I get a cell lease on my property?
    It’s virtually impossible to market your property to a carrier or tower company. Cell site locations are determined by radio frequency engineers and one the need arises, the carriers work with outside consultants to find a suitable site.
  2. My location is unique and I should get more money!
    Every Landlord feels their site is unique and worth more rent than they receive. There are estimated to be 450,000 cell site locations in the United States. Your site may have some topographical feature that makes it ideal for a carrier. But, population density and metropolitan area is more of a determining influence on rent than location.
  3. How do I get more carriers?
    If you have cellular infrastructure on your property you are more likely to be able to attract a new carrier than another property. Carriers find it easier to complete leases, build sites and obtain entitlements when cellular infrastructure exists. But, as discussed in question 1, they find you.
  4. How does a lease buyout work? Do you use a lot line adjustment or what?
    Lease buyouts are completed using an easement that generally overlays the existing lease compound exhibit. Most easements are from 50 to 99 years. There is also a sunset clause in the easements that provides for reversion of the easement when the cell site is decommissioned. Completing a subdivision or lot line adjustment is unnecessary and expensive.
  5. Well then what do you guys do?
    We are telecom brokers and provide landlord advocacy and all services related to cell sites. We never represent carriers or tower companies. We are biased towards landlords and work on their behalf. Our services include but are not limited to; lease amendments, new builds, lease buyouts, conflict resolution and cell lease management and oversight.