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Cell Tower Lease Rates

Lease Negotiation

You’ve been approached by a wireless carrier or tower company, and they want to install equipment on your site. In exchange, they are offering to pay you monthly rent. This can be a valuable opportunity, but it can also be very challenging – or even intimidating – for landowners.

Why Call Us

Lack Of Comparables

The fact is, most potential landlords have no market comparables for cell tower and rooftop antenna lease rates. And since this information isn’t widely available, there’s no way to know if you’re asking for too much (or too little) in rent. Request the list of comparable cell sites today.

Non Financial Factors

Landlords need to ensure that they preserve certain critical rights before they sign a lease agreement. Even sophisticated companies will sometimes relinquish too much when they take on a wireless tenant. The negative effects might not be evident until years later.

NAI Capital Wireless will negotiate a new lease on your behalf and aggressively protect your interests — financial and otherwise. To begin, we’ll conduct a thorough valuation of your cell site. This assessment, along with our in-depth understanding of the wireless marketplace, lets us determine your site’s true value.

Next, we’ll use our deep negotiations experience – and perhaps even our industry contacts – to secure the best terms possible. You’ll get the lease rate you deserve, and your critical rights as a landowner will be safeguarded. Since our founding, we’ve successfully negotiated $4 million in new lease agreements. If you want to ensure the optimum outcome for your negotiations, please let us know about your website and we will get in touch with you.

Lease Extension

If you’re nearing the end of your current lease term (5-10 years remaining), you might be approached by your tenant to discuss an extension of the lease. At this point, many site owners are quick to agree to continue with the original terms. But this is not always the right decision.

WARNING! Often times, the value of your cell site will be higher now than it was at the start of the lease. Or perhaps the lease rate has been below market value all along. NAI Capital Wireless can evaluate your site — and the market climate – to ensure you receive a fair rent.

Beware of “Lease Optimization” packages

Sometimes a wireless tenant will try to renegotiate the terms of your lease in the middle of your contract. This renegotiation might be presented to you as a “lease optimization” package. Usually, the tenant is trying to lower their rent payments or otherwise alter the lease terms in their favor. In fact, they might threaten to decommission the site (and terminate the lease) if these changes aren’t accepted.

In these situations, it’s important that you assert your rights. You might be able to minimize these negative revisions or avoid them altogether. NAI Capital Wireless understands the industry, and we can negotiate with the tenant to prevent needless concessions. In fact, over the years, we’ve negotiated $6 million in lease amendments and extensions.

Site Valuation

NAI Capital Wireless will work with our partners at TowerPoint Capital to conduct a complimentary valuation of your site. This comprehensive assessment considers five key metrics in determining the true value of your asset. To schedule your complimentary cell site valuation, simply let us know about your cell site.

Cell Site Marketing

There are many different factors that wireless carriers consider when choosing a location for their cell site. In addition to that, it is very difficult to open up a line of communication with a wireless carrier in order to acquire a new tenant. NAI Capital Wireless has created an established network of wireless carriers that are ready to review your cell site for lease consideration. Let us know if you would like to submit your property.

Litigation Avoidance

As a cell site landlord, sometimes you need help understanding your rights under the lease agreement. It might be that you’re simply curious about certain terms and conditions. Or maybe your tenant is attempting to alter or expand their wireless equipment in violation of the contract? Perhaps a third party is trying to assert a claim to your rental income? No matter the reason, an analysis of your rights can help avoid costly litigation down the line.

NAI Capital Wireless can provide an expert opinion as to your rights as landlord, the rights of your cell site tenant, and the rights of any third party. This is not legal advice, but it is based on many years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the industry. After we assess your situation, we will explain our findings to everyone involved. Often times, a tenant or third party will realize that litigation is simply not in their best interest. In the case of equipment expansion/alteration, we might even secure higher rental payments for you.

Compound Expansion

With cell site lease agreements, tenants are generally allotted a certain square footage on which to place their wireless equipment. Sometimes a tenant will need to expand this square footage (compound) in order to make room for additional equipment and upgrades.

This means that the lease must be amended, and you (the landlord) must approve. In return, the tenant will usually agree to a rent increase. However, they’ll want this increase to be as minimal as possible. How do you know what’s fair in this scenario?

NAI Capital Wireless can inspect your cell site to determine the true value of the additional space. With this crucial information, we can then negotiate new terms on your behalf, ensuring you receive maximum compensation. This can involve a significant rent increase and maybe even a scaling down of the tenant’s rights. If your tenant has requested a compound expansion, please contact NAI Capital Wireless today. Just as we have done for other landlords, we will negotiate reasonable and equitable terms and conditions.